Who Am I?

I am a creative graphic designer and developer with marketing experience. I have worked full time for 20 years in a variety of senior roles within small print houses, trendy design studios and London marketing agencies, as well as holding interim positions as a freelancer. I am the creative and producer of Ritch Design and have access to a network of designers and developers to call upon if the situation requires additional production support or specialist skills beyond my own. I am experienced in traditional and modern design trends, media applications and marketing techniques. I have a wealth of artistic and technical knowledge and skill that will be invaluable to any business. With an emphasis on great service I will go the extra mile for my clients. I create the ideas, the strategy and the beautifully designed assets that your business needs to achieve its marketing goals.

What Can I do?

During my years as a designer I have worked in a variety of industries sectors including; property, medical, technology, finance, online casino, service and retail. In order to adapt to the change from traditional print media to prevailing digital media, I became a developer. This broad scope of work and experience has allowed me to see a big picture. Good design is a universal language that translates across all industries, sectors and media. An experienced hand can quickly learn the specific knowledge required to create design and marketing for a new sector, or adapt to a new technology. This multi skilled approach is impetrative for the modern designer. Whether its a magazine or a business card, a website or an e-mailer, a social media campaign or a smartphone user interface, Ritch Design has the knowledge, skill and experience to deliver your design.